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What's the right briefcase for you?


Choosing the right briefcase for you isn't necessarily a choice that should be made at sight. Besides the standard office briefcases, you should at least look at the alternatives available on today's growing market.

You can be selective between a casual carrying bag or a more high-tech computer pack to make sure that all your files, folders and accessories are in order to help you organize your daily trip to and from work.

Although each and every individual has particular likes and dislikes on a more superficial, exterior basis there are a few important features available in certain styles that are worth looking into in determining which is the right briefcase for you.

Businessmen and women that travel regularly will appreciate a briefcase that comes with a back sleeve or large carrying strap so to rest or hang the briefcase to another item of luggage for convenience. Those with laptop computers must think carefully about investing in a computer briefcase or a computer pack with extra padding and a large internal section for the protection and containment of their valuable business partner! Courier bags are a common purchase but look a little more formal than the professional and businesslike appearance of a briefcase.

Office briefcases range from around 1300-1600 cubic inches to a more compact 800 cubic inches from the upright briefcases. All office briefcases will have multiple organizer pockets as standard and internal compartments but additional features include the back sleeve for travelers, convertible straps allowing briefcases to be carried like a back pack, pockets for cell phones and stationary, and expandable accordion compartments that organize files and documents in a tight secured fashion.

If you have a laptop you will most likely be requiring a computer laptop. Computer briefcases are about the same size as the above and again one can choose from the upright or larger styles for more internal capacity and all come with the padded compartments for the laptop, multiple organizer pockets and high quality brands will have a compartment for computer software and accessories. The same additional features are available with the computer briefcases only perhaps it is worth thinking about the security of the briefcase by purchasing a briefcase that has zipper compartments and a combination lock function on the opening.

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