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When you set up a new POS system in your business it is important to select POS software and POS hardware which will work together to insure the smooth running of the business. There are many different types of point of sale software systems available with varying features. A good system should allow you to manage all aspects of the business and enable you to be up to date on all aspects of the business at once from sales figures to staff performance.

Quickbooks POS, is a system of software which is available in various versions for you to choose from depending upon the nature of your business needs. Quickbooks is available in several versions designed specifically to be used as the point of sale software in your business. In this case the product is called Quickbooks Point of Sale.

Available Software Packages

There are three versions of Quickbooks POS available at present, these are detailed below:

The first level is called Quickbooks Point of Sale - Basic:

This is for use in single stores. Basic allows automatic tracking of sales and inventory figures as well as customer data. The system is able to process credit and debit cards. The automatic tracking features mean that as each sale is made and each delivery of merchandise taken, the software adjusts your records accordingly. The system is also able to monitor how quickly each different product is sold, enabling you to plan when it is necessary to order new stock. This software is easy to use and is able to be used by itself or in conjunction with Quickbooks financial software.

The second level is called Quickbooks Point of Sale - Pro:

Pro is also for use in single stores. This system has all features present in Quickbooks POS Basic and some others as well. These include the ability to keep track of several other aspects of the business such as sales orders, employees' commissions, serial numbers and special orders which have not been inventoried. This system also is able to generate orders automatically.

The third level is called Quickbooks POS - Pro Multi-Store:

This is for businesses with up to 10 stores. Pro Multi-Store possesses all the features of the Pro version and well as offering the possibility of being able to manage up to 10 stores from one place. This system is able to do everything Pro offers but for all stores simultaneously. Data is able to be accessed and managed as needed on a store by store basis or for all stores combined. All of these versions are able to be purchased alone or with compatible point of sale hardware.

The above Quickbooks POS software packages can be purchased via their website by clicking here.

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