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POS Systems

The term, POS System, is used to describe the system used in the transaction between vendor and customer at the point at which the sale occurs. This means that POS systems can be as simple as a single cash register, or far more extensive incorporating computer software with many capabilities, such as the ability to collect all the point of sale information such as customer details and receipt details and so on, and have them available within the computer records of the business.

Every business needs to have an effective point of sale system. The efficiency with which your business is able to be run is dependant on this. Selecting the point of sale system which best suits your business can ensure that your that the behind the scenes day to day running of the business is achieved smoothly and, even more importantly, that your customers are satisfied with the transactions they have with your company.

When you select the point of sale system for your business you should be able to find a product that is able to be used in conjunction with the accounting software you have in place, or with that which you intend to have in place, in your company. There are POS systems available which are compatible with BussinessWorks, Quickbooks and Peachtree accounting software systems, for example.

What do you need?

The point of sale system you choose should take you through the whole process of the purchase. A computerised point of sale system, in contrast to a manually- operated cash register, will require several components to be in place at the point of sale for smooth transactions to be processed.

Firstly, a computer is required to operate the software of the POS system.

Secondly, a point of sale software system should be installed onto the computer, this enables bar codes etcetera to be recognised and decoded.

Thirdly, you will need a POS scanner to scan the barcode on each product as it passes through the point of sale.

Fourthly, a POS printer is required in order to provide your own hard copy of the transaction as well as the customer's receipt for the transaction. You will also require a POS cash drawer for storage and management of cash and receipt copies.

Finally, you should include a display pole to show, digitally, the price of each item scanned in and the total purchase price. There may also be other components you require if you intend to deal with credit cards. Theses include credit card magnetic stripe readers and software enabling credit card details to be verified. If you wish to design your own barcode labels you will require software enabling you to do so as well as a barcode label printer.

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