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POS Scanners

When you set up a new POS system in your business it is important to select good quality components which will work to achieve the greatest possible productivity. When you are selecting different POS equipment, make sure it will work alongside your existing POS systems, POS software and any accounting software which you already have in place within the business.

Each business will have different needs to meet and this will, of course, influence which point of sale components are likely to be the best choice for the business. Just about every business requiring a point of sale system will require some kind of point of sale scanner. There are an enormous number of different POS scanners available on the market today. All of these have slightly different designs and features which will suit different types of businesses.

Type of Scanning

The type of scanning that will be done in your business will influence the type of scanner you will choose. Different POS scanners use different technologies to read barcodes. Laser and Wand scanners only read the barcodes where as those using Charged Coupled Device (CCD) technology in fact take a photograph of the barcode and then turn this optical image into an electrical one, enabling the decoding process to be much more rapid and therefore faster scanning is possible. Here are a few common types of POS scanners and some information about each:

Hand Held Point of Sale Scanners: are used for scanning barcodes on products. These often come with a stand to enable hands-free scanning. Look out for those which are designed ergonomically so that they fit into the hands of staff comfortably. Similarly, lightweight versions are easier to use.

Portable POS Scanners: enable staff to take the scanner to the barcode. The distance the scanner can travel is dependant upon the kind of technology used to enable it to be portable. Those using radio frequency can generally be taken a few meters away from the base whereas those using wireless connection are able to be moved around as needed. When you are choosing a portable point of sale scanner you should investigate the capabilities of the unit's battery. A long-lasting battery is an advantage.

Lazer Projection Point of Sale Scanners: use a projected laser beam to read barcodes.

In Counter POS Scanners: are commonly seen in supermarkets and convenience stores. Advanced versions of these use 360 Degree scanning which makes the jobs of checkout staff much easier as less repeated wrist movement is needed to find the barcode. Some of these come with scales for weighing and POS cash drawers below. Look for those made of durable materials like stainless steel and which come with a power saving mode for quieter moments.

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