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POS Printers

When you set up a new POS system it is important to install, alongside the point of sale software, a set of high quality components that will work together in harmony with your software to produce the efficiency you desire in the running of your business. Obviously, each business will have different needs depending upon the specific nature of the business, its size and your vision for the manner in which it should be run.

Having said this, a requirement common to all businesses requiring a POS system is a quality point of sale printer. There are many POS printers on the market today. It is a good idea to do some research into the different types available in order to fit out your business with the model most likely to meet the needs of your business.

Printer Types

There are several different types of POS printers available, each with different features that suit different tasks. Some printers are able to carry out multiple tasks. Several of the different types of printing you may require from your point of sale printer include, the printing of barcodes which are attached to products and scanned at the point of sale by a barcode scanner; the printing of labels for different products which may include the business logo and or a barcode, the pricing of different items and any other relevant information, to be attached to the item; the printing of checks in a bar, restaurant or other hospitality venue; the printing of receipts for payment received whether this be for a product or a service or both.

Point of sale printers have different names depending on their capabilities. Some of the available types of POS printers include the following:

Thermal receipt printers: these are designed specifically to print receipts. This type of printer has a thermal print head and is designed to be used in conjunction with POS terminals.

Hybrid Printer: this type of point of sale printer also has a thermal print head and is capable of printing slips as well as receipts.

Slip Printers: also have a thermal print head but are only capable of printing slips. They are often used in restaurants and in bars.

Impact Receipt Printers: are similar to thermal receipt printers except that they have an impact print head rather than a thermal print head.

A Three Station Printer: is so -named to reflect its ability to print three different types of material, namely, receipts, slips and journals.

Inkjet Printers: are printers using an ink jet for printing.

Many of these point of sale printers will be available in single or multi color capabilities. Search the internet for the best point of sale printer for your business.

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