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POS hardware encompasses all of the pieces of POS equipment used during a transaction between customer and vendor. There are many different ways to set up the point of sale hardware in your business, ranging from a mechanical cash register in the most simple case, to an integrated system of computer equipment enabling a smooth and efficient transaction. Below are several common pieces of point of sale hardware and a short summary of their functions:

POS Scanners: Barcode Scanners are used to scan the barcode on individual products into the POS system where it is decoded to give the price of the item. These are available in various configurations including serial, USB and Keyboard Wedge, which is the most recommended, as in this configuration, the scanner is more likely to work in harmony with your other hardware and is also easier to install.

POS Printers: This is used to print receipts for transactions as they take place. Some receipt printers are also capable of producing tags or labels for products. It is recommended that before selecting a receipt printer you make sure it is compatible with your other software.

POS Cash Drawers: These are used to house and manage cash and receipts. Cash drawers are available with adjustable compartments for coins and notes and various levels of security in the locking systems. Look of for those with an ergonomic design to ensure you have healthy staff.

Card Reader: This device reads the details on the magnetic stripe of the customer's card when he or she pays by credit or debit card. Many of these devices are also capable of verifying these details. They are also available as a portable unit.

Customer Display Pole: This is a pole with a display screen, usually capable of showing two lines of information to the customer as the transaction takes place. The price of each item scanned in is usually shown, as well the subtotal of all scanned items during the transaction, the final total and so on.

POS Keyboards: Every point of sale system needs a keyboard for entering various types of data. Look for an ergonomic design which is also designed to withstand daily use.

POS Terminals: These are used for entering data and processing payments. Some have touch screens. Hand Held Devices for data Collection: These handheld devices are used in many different retail areas. They are often used in restaurants and cafes to upload customer order details into the main system.

Plastic Card Printer and or Encoder: These devices enable the printing and encoding of plastic cards and are often used for producing store membership cards for customers.

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