POS Equipment

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POS Equipment

Setting up a new POS system can be a wonderful opportunity to make sure that your business is working to its optimum level of efficiency and productivity. There are numerous different POS systems available all with features to suit different businesses.

It is possible to find a high quality system of software and hardware which link directly with the management and accounting records of the business for a truly streamlined operation. It is important to select the right equipment for your point of sale system. Here are a the names and brief descriptions of a few pieces of equipment commonly used in point of sale systems:

POS scanners are needed to scan and decode barcodes on products to give the cost and other information about the product.

POS printers are used in the printing of receipts. There are many types of point of sale printers available capable of carrying out different tasks. Some can also print labels, barcode stickers and tags for items to be sold.

POS terminals combine various features. Many have touch screens for entering data. They are used for processing transactions and vary in the types of cards they are able to read (credit, debit, those requiring pin supported transactions, loyalty cards etc), and in other aspects such as the way transactions are verified. Those using wireless connection are much faster than those using land line telephone connection and are also easier to install in positions away from telephone points.

POS cash drawers are needed in businesses transacting in cash for storage and management of cash and receipts. Choose one with an ergonomic design to ensure the health of your staff. Many offer the possibility of adjusting the different compartments to fit notes or coins. They also vary in their security levels.

POS customer display poles show customers the prices of items as they are scanned in as well as subtotals and totals of the customer's purchase. Most show two lines of information.

POS card printer and encoders are a useful piece of POS equipment for businesses planning to set up loyalty clubs or those needing to issue membership cards of one kind or another. Customer information can be transferred using these devices to the magnetic strip on the back of plastic cards.

POS Keyboards are useful for entering all kinds of data. Look for one which is ergonomically designed and which is likely to be able to withstand heavy usage.

Many of the above pieces of POS equipment are available in portable versions which can free up the way your customers process their transactions. It is useful to research the available products on the internet.

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