POS Cash Drawers

An essential part of your POS package

POS Cash Drawers

When you are selecting a new POS system it is equally important to ensure you have the most appropriate POS software and POS hardware for your business. It is essential to check that the hardware components you select are compatible with the software you have chosen. Well-selected point of sale hardware components should enable the efficient running of your business and set the business up to have the greatest possible productivity.

Each business is different and will have different needs to be met by their POS systems. It is almost universal, however, that retail businesses will share the need for a high quality POS cash drawer to enable the easy management of cash as it comes in and goes out each day.

A Point of Sale Cash Drawer is needed in businesses transacting in cash for storage and management of cash and receipts. There are an enormous number and variety of point of sale cash drawers available. Many offer the possibility of adjusting the sizes of different compartments within the drawer to fit different sizes of notes, coins, checks or receipts. They also vary in the security options they offer. It is a good idea to consider choosing cash drawers with an ergonomic design to ensure the health of your staff.

Types of POS Cash Drawers

Different cash drawers are made to withstand different levels of use. It is important to select a sturdy model with well designed mechanisms for opening and closing to ensure a long lifetime. The latch mechanism should be strong in all respects and operate smoothly. Similarly, the sliding mechanism should ensure smooth opening and closing every time and not offer any possibility of jamming. Materials such as stainless steel offer durability and good security so are a wise choice. Cash drawers also are available in a variety of different sizes so it should be possible to find a model which will fit your Point of Sale set up. The locking system varies on different cash drawers. It is helpful to select a model which allows both electronic and manual opening and closing.

Cash drawers are able to be purchased as a separate component or as part of a package of different Point of Sale components designed to work together. It is common for such packages to include a POS terminal with a receipt printer, monitor and POS keyboard. An all in one system will often also enable the management of connection cords and wires will be able to be stored within the unit to offer a tidy Point of Sale environment. Selecting such a package will also minimize any potential problems with connections and compatibility of the different components. A well-selected and smooth running cash drawer will help ensure the job satisfaction of your staff and the satisfaction of your customers.

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