Types of Caravans - Guide to Types Available

What different caravan types are there?

Caravans have come a long way since the old 1970's swift two-berth and can now encompass every luxury you could imagine. They can be a home away from home and do not have the constrictions of staying in a hotel.

There are basically two different types of caravans, static and touring. Both offer a certain amount of freedom and flexibility, but also have a number of differences which may mean one will appeal to you more than the other.

A touring caravan is an independent home on wheels that can be attached to your vehicle with a tow bar and taken to your holiday destination. They can be rather basic but comfortable two-berth caravans that can be easily towed with an average family car. Alternatively some touring caravans can sleep six people in luxury and may need to be towed by a large four by four vehicle. There are endless sizes and specifications that you can choose from for your touring caravan.

The interior of a basic touring caravan will comprise of seating, which will be sleeping quarters at night. A kitchen area of some description and a bathroom area where you can wash, and possibly a lavatory, though not necessarily. At the top end of the market a touring caravan can be something really special and unique. The new Cameo by Bessacarr has some remarkable extras. As well as a unique and high-tech exterior, it offers a choice of luxury interiors including cream leather, a cocktail cabinet, a thermostatically controlled oven, a sealed shower cubicle and a toilet with an electric flush.

With a touring caravan you can go on holiday whenever you choose to wherever you choose at a moments notice. Best of all, if you do not like where you have chosen, you can pack up and go somewhere else.

A static caravan by definition stays in one place. Therefore you do not have to store your caravan when not in use. Nor do you have the responsibility of towing it from one place to another.

A static caravan can be purchased from a holiday park and is then yours to do with as you please. You can choose to own a static caravan at your favorite location by the sea, in the country, a quiet retreat or an entertainment packed resort. You can then holiday whenever you like or let friends and family stay when it is vacant.

Static caravans can also be outfitted with an array of modern conveniences - double glazing, washing machines and top furnishings.




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