Touring Caravans - Holiday Security

What sort of security should I think about for my touring caravan?

As with your home or any large purchase you should always do everything within your power to secure your “touring” caravan against thieves and opportunists.

When you arrive at a caravan park or site try to get to know your neighbors and those around you. These people will be your eyes and ears when you are not around. Think about locking all your doors and windows every time you are not near your caravan and keep all valuables out of sight if you are unable to take them with you. Many touring families draw the curtains or pull down the blinds when they are out.

A wheel clamp or a hitch lock is a good idea if you are planning on leaving your caravan for any amount of time. As you will find, most insurance companies specify that you should have this kind of security, so it is worth investing in a good product. A wheel clamp is a good deterrent because even if someone has the means and the motivation to remove one - they will certainly run a risk of being spotted while attempting to break one open. They are not too expensive and come in varying shapes and sizes that can be fitted to most wheels. A hitch lock is slightly less versatile as it will be made specifically for your caravan model. However they are also a good deterrent and can be used when hitched or unhitched.

Your touring caravan may have some form of identification number etched into the window. However, it is a good idea to take an ultraviolet pen and mark your caravan yourself with some identifying marks. If your caravan is stolen it will be easily identified by police if pulled over.

It is now possible to get your caravan fitted with a tracking system. Although this sounds far fetched and they can be pricey, they are very effective and mean that you may get your stolen caravan back extremely quickly. There are a number of different tracking systems on the market and although all offer tracking for fast recovery of stolen caravans, some offer higher technology, whereby they can pinpoint the vehicle and relay to the police and even help you when you are in distress if you send them a signal. All caravans that are fitted with a form of tracking device will benefit from insurance savings, so this is something to be considered when purchasing one.

Don't forget an alarm, one of the easiest and simplest deterrents but no good if not switched on!

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