Caravan Tents - Increase your Living Space

Types of caravan tents

Caravans are a fantastic way of providing accommodation for your family at vacation time. There are so many different kinds of caravan, from basic two-berth caravans to large eight-berth tourers. However, it seems that no matter how large your caravan, it always feels too small once you have pitched it and are living in such close quarters with your friends or children.

The number one reason for adding a caravan tent is to increase the living space you have available. Statistics show that nearly one-fifth of all holiday nights are spent in mobile holiday home, so it is no surprise that extending the area available is a very attractive option to most people. This piece of equipment is basically a tent that attaches to the caravan - creating an extension.

There are two basic types of caravan tents: the full-sized or the partial one - often called a porch. The porch literally covers the door area, and provides modest extra space that is best utilized for storing larger items such as picnic tables and bicycles. It is a useful area to remove outdoor clothing that may be muddy, and to keep outdoor shoes. This allows your caravan living space to remain clutter-free and as clean as possible.

The full size awning spans the entire length of the caravan, and this can often double the size of your living space or more! It is not unusual to erect a dining table area in the awning, and to use this space when the inclement weather may hinder outdoor eating or barbecues.

It is also common for the “tent” to be used as extra sleeping space. In this way, a small caravan of only three or four-berth can be enlarged to sleep another two or three people. If you are interested in using your awning in this way, consider purchasing an additional inner tent. These are specially designed to provide a cosy environment with polyester and cotton sides and an integral polyethylene groundsheet. The doorway is through a zipped L-shaped side, and this allows relative privacy for any sleeping guests. It is also ideal for storage, allowing mess to be kept out of sight of the rest of the awning living space.

If you are already convinced that a caravan tent is the space solution for you, consider extending further! The annex is an extra 'room' that extends out from the awning like wings on the side. It is available with curtains, zipped doors, and even frosted windows. Children especially love this extra room!

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