Caravan Parts - Repairs, Servicing and Breakers Yards

Sourcing parts and repairs for your caravan

Caravans are the perfect accommodation for your holiday - it's like taking your home with you as you travel. Nothing is likely to feel as comfortable, or allow you so much flexibility. However, when something goes wrong, or wear and tear necessitates a replacement, it can be notoriously difficult to find the correct parts for your caravan.

Your first port of call should always be caravan repair shops and servicing centers. Unlike car servicing, the availability of these specialist centers does not always allow you to find one in your local area. Regions that have large numbers of caravan owners are likely to have one such repair shop, but this is not always the case.

If you are fortunate enough to know of a caravan service centre close to where you live, phone ahead to check whether they stock the exact part you are looking for. You may need to take the caravan down to the centre so that they can fit the part for you, as most of their profit is made from the labor. Take advantage and have your caravan serviced at the same time - too many caravan owners fail to keep the servicing up to date, and this could compromise safety.

One massive advantage in sourcing your part at a service centre is that they are able to offer technical advice about fitting and caring for that part. They understand the workings of most models of caravans, and usually have a high level of after sales support due to their experience and knowledge.

If you are unable to find a service centre to source your part from, you could try caravan dealerships. Most sales centers recognize the limited supply possibilities for caravan parts, and stock a good variety of the most demanded items. This is fine if you have a common model of caravan, and one that is fairly new. Unfortunately, for older models and rarer brands, it will be far less likely that they keep the spare parts in stock.

The final suggestion we have is to take advantage of caravan breakers yards. There are a fair number of such places, which earn a good living out of breaking down caravans for spare parts and also rebuilding and restoring classic caravans. You may be able to call ahead to ask whether they stock your part, but often it is a case of visiting them and trawling through what they have on offer.

Items such as replacement panels, wheel trims and shower trays are easy to find, and due to the fact that many of them are second hand, the prices are usually extremely competitive. For older models of caravan, this should be the place you focus your search, as they are most likely to have these hard-to-find parts.

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