Caravan Manufacturers - Guide to Swift Models and Ranges

What makes Swift caravans special?

There are a number of caravan manufacturers currently making caravans to high specifications. Swift is one of these. The Swift group incorporates the Sprite, Sterling, Abbey, Bessecarr and Ace brands and are one of the market leaders. Since starting in 1965, Swift have been an integral part of caravan development and have progressed and modernized with the times.

Swift use new computer controlled technology to design and build their caravans, ensuring that they are finished to an extremely high standard inside and out.

You can explore the Swift website or order one of their brochures to examine their range of caravans and then purchase your caravan from one of the many dealerships that they are available through. (

Their range is so extensive that it would be impossible for there not to be a model that suits all your requirements and specifications. From the basic Sprite to the loaded with luxury Bessecarr, they have incorporated features that are sure to impress and meet your needs.

After stopping the manufacturing of Sprite in 1995 and then re-launching the new Sprite in 2004, the new sporty design is a real winner. For those on a budget or first time caravan buyers, the new Sprite range offers three models to choose from, Major, Alpine and Musketeer. With various layouts and designs, all offer a good light frame with strong interior with lots of storage space.

For the more luxury conscious the Sterling offers added features within the twenty five models that are available throughout the three ranges. The Sterling Europa has a high tech construction and is reasonably priced. The Sterling Eccles features a specially designed kitchen and bathroom and the Sterling Eccles Elite, 2004 design, offers high performance luxury for the top end of the market.

For making the initial purchase you may require some financial help. Swift offer financial services through Black Horse where you will be given an immediate decision and can pay off the amount over a period of up to ten years.

All Swift caravans are pre registered to CRiS, (The Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme), a national database for all caravan owners. You will receive a registration document and your caravan will be electronically tagged. This can be an enormous help to the police, should your caravan be stolen. This is also an advantage for insurance purposes, as they will either specify this level of protection before they will supply cover or offer a reduced rate as a reward for having it.

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