Caravan Holidays

Why should I take a caravan holiday?

Caravan holidays

If you have never been on a caravan holiday before, you are definitely missing out. As you are reading this, you are obviously considering this option, and for good reason. There are nearly a million caravaners in the UK alone, and it is estimated that one in five holiday nights are spent in a caravan. People are warming to the advantages of caravan holidays in their droves, and the advantages will become apparent as you read on.

Firstly, the main benefit is the freedom and flexibility that a caravan holiday offers. A typical family who own a touring caravan take between two and three holidays per year in comparison with the usual single summer break that most people achieve. If you own your own caravan, it is easy to decide at very short notice that you want to get away for a short break. The convenience of having your accommodation ready at a moment's notice frees you from the usual restraints. You are literally able to pack up and go on a holiday whenever you get the urge.

One of the nicest things about having your own caravan is that you literally have a home from home. Your caravan can be customised to your exact taste - the number of berths, appliances and decoration. The level of comfort is restrained only by your imagination. You are also not restricted in your packing as everything can be loaded and towed. This includes barbecues, picnic table, bicycles and more.

If you prefer to use a static caravan, you are likely to find that the quality is superb. Luxury has become paramount in this industry, and most static caravans will be equipped with microwaves and even televisions and videos! This is ideal if you are travelling with children, as you have the perfect self-catering experience.

The campsites which are available for either touring or static caravans are truly superb in what they offer. As a family, you can find options which include Kids' Clubs, swimming pools, sports centres, evening entertainment and a choice of restaurants. If you are after something quieter, there are plenty of smaller campsites that are located in beauty spots, and allow you instant access to the countryside.

Finally, one of the obvious benefits, which allow so many holidays per year, is the remarkably competitive pricing of caravan holidays. Because you are taking your own accommodation, you are able to gain access to brilliant facilities at very reasonable rates.

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