Caravan Canopy - Sizes, Types and Linings

What kinds of caravan canopy are there?

Caravan canopies are the last word in outdoor living. Although people who are traveling and staying in caravans frequently use them, day-trippers or traditional tented campers can equally enjoy them.

The majority of caravan canopies are simply designed. They consist of a large fabric 'ceiling', and a frame that holds it in place. Much like traditional Bedouin camps in the desert, the modern caravan canopy has the function of protecting you from the elements. However, there are a variety of different standards, and these may make a big difference depending on what you aim to achieve with your caravan canopy.

Firstly, there are various sizes of canopy available to buy. Common sizes vary from five feet square to ten by twenty feet. There are even larger sizes available, and these are often required for hosting garden parties or for public events. Most people are happy with a modest size of canopy, and they are usually very versatile.

The most popular reason people buy a caravan canopy is to protect them from the sun. If this is your primary goal, it is worthwhile considering a canopy that offers dedicated protection from UV rays. Many canopies are made from polyester with a PVC coating, guaranteed to block out 99% of UV rays.

If you aim to use your canopy often, and want it to be as portable as possible, consider buying one which has a particularly lightweight frame. Specially engineered lightweight steel frames allow you the luxury of core strength combined with portability. A typical 5x5 canopy could weigh only thirty-six pounds and a 10x10 only fifty-two pounds.

The way in which the canopy is erected can make a huge difference in how happy you are to use it. Seek out ones which pop-up instantly so you can make the most of your relaxation time. You simply pull one of the steel legs whilst pulling up at the same time - the frame should expand and the canopy rise. This should take as little as two minutes!

All good caravan canopies come with a warranty - usually two years. You should also look for one that includes all the extra materials, such as tie-down stakes, dust cover and ropes. The canopy itself should be made from materials that are fire retardant, water resistant, and UV protected. The steel frame should also be powder coated for extra protection from the elements. Some canopies also come with weight bags, which are particularly useful in windy conditions.

Although you should try not to be waylaid by color choices, reputable caravan canopy suppliers usually offer a good range. Typical choices include blue, white, red and green. However, it is not difficult to get custom colors made such as gold, black, grey or camouflage.

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