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Where is the best place to buy a caravan awning?

A caravan awning can completely revolutionize your camping experience. The majority of caravaners report that although they love their caravan dearly, they are always in need of some extra space. It is not always practical or necessary to upgrade to a larger caravan. Firstly, your car will need to be powerful enough to tow the larger caravan, but the cost can also be prohibitive. Awnings are the obvious solution to the spatial problem, but buying one can be confusing, as there are various different places to start.

Caravan awning retailers are the best place to make your initial assessment of what is on the market. Camping and caravanning centers usually have a good choice of all caravan accessories, including awnings. The best places to shop are the larger warehouse retailers as they are the most likely to have all the awnings on display - they can take up an awful lot of room! Consider whether the awnings are extendable with annexes in case you want even more space in the future too.

Although caravan centers do not exist on the high street or in malls, most areas have at least one that serves the locale's caravan population. Ask at your local caravan club if they can recommend any retailers in particular and also if any discounts are offered to members of the caravan club. You could easily save up to twenty percent in this way, which may make your membership worthwhile.

You are likely to see certain brands of awning at any retailer, and it is often possible to go directly to the manufacturer for a wider choice, or even a cut-price deal. Popular and reputable awning manufacturers include Dorema, Isabella and Ventura Camping. They are international companies, and speak English as well as most European languages. This experience allows them to offer awning solutions for all types of camper, and you are highly likely to find your perfect awning.

However, bear in mind that you will probably not be in the right area to visit the manufacturer to see their awnings up close. This is why you should look thoroughly at what is on sale at the retail outlets. Once you are sure exactly what awning you require, it is then a good idea to find the best bargain around.

Each of the manufacturers has a website that allows online sales. You can order your awning in this way, but ensure that you have carefully calculated the measurements of your caravan so that the awning fits perfectly when it arrives. Don't wait until you are actually on your holiday to try the awning for the first time - check it carefully when the order is first sent, as reputable dealers will accept exchanges if you haven't used the awning yet.

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