Caravan Accessories - What's on Offer?

What caravan accessories will I need?

Buying your caravan is the first step, but ensuring that it is equipped with everything to make your holiday comfortable is equally important in creating a home-from-home. It is true that caravanning allows you unlimited freedom and flexibility, but without the appropriate accessories you are less likely to enjoy your holiday and make the most from your caravanning experience.

Most people complain that a caravan is very cramped, but this is easily resolved. The first accessory you should consider is awnings, which can literally double your living area. There are various sizes of awning, including porch styles which jut out from the doorway and provide a bit of storage space. A full awning stretches the entire length of your caravan, and you can add annexes that extend out from the sides of the awning for even more space. These can be used as extra bedrooms, or even walk-in wardrobes!

In conjunction with your awning, think about getting an inner tent. These are useful for partitioning off areas of your awning, but also provide insulation and privacy if you intend to use the space as a sleeping area. Choose one that has a sewn-in groundsheet, and a drawstring bag for easy storage.

Gone are the days when you had to trek out to the ablution block in the middle of the night, or find a handy bush behind which to relieve yourself! Portable toilets are a necessity for most caravanners, and are very reasonably priced. Most hold around twenty liters of waste, and do not require emptying every day. They are also fully flushable and hygienic.

You will need fresh water to use in your caravan, and it is worthwhile buying a water transporter that won't break your back! An aquaroll is a barrel with a handle to allow it to be pulled along the ground, which translates to no lifting! Jerrycans are acceptable to use, but they tend to be smaller and only hold up to fifteen liters of water.

Don't forget all the accessories designed to enable you to tow your caravan behind your car. The most obvious one is the tow ball, onto which you hook the caravan. However, you should also consider a tow ball stabilizer, which improves towing by thirty percent. There are also tow ball covers and breakaway safety cables to ensure stability whilst towing. Your car lights will also need to be wired so that the caravan lights work, and this can be done simply with a pre-wired socket kit.

There are dozens of products that have been specially designed for caravans to allow you to have all the mod cons of home. For example, kettles have a low amp so they don't blow your fuses, but will make a perfect cup of tea!

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