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Nothing gives you the freedom to explore the great outdoors quite like a caravan. The popularity of tented camping holidays has declined dramatically, and the caravan has become the popular accommodation for flexible vacations.

Buying your first caravan is always a daunting prospect, so ensure you get plenty of advice before you take the plunge. Talking about options with caravan dealers is a perfect way to start, but also remember to discuss your aspirations with others who already own caravans. If you have friends who are caravanners, see if you can borrow their caravan or vacation with them to experience this type of vacation first-hand.

Consider buying a used caravan as your first acquisition. New caravans can be astronomically expensive, and it is not uncommon to later decide that you would like a caravan with slightly different specifications. It is certainly easier to upgrade your caravan if you have bought a used one, as it will have depreciated less dramatically than a new one. It is common to want a larger caravan after the first year or so, and to increase the number and quality of added extras. Only once you have experienced living in a caravan can you be sure what you will need for the future.

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Don't always assume that the answer to more space is a larger caravan. Awnings are a practical way of adding living space without the expense of upgrading your caravan. There are a variety of different sizes of awnings - read our section on this subject for advice on which will suit you best. Remember that you can choose additions that will create sleeping areas as well as storage space.

There are many inconveniences associated with touring caravans, including the need for storage. You will require somewhere secure, but large enough to gain access to easily. This can be expensive if you need to rent space in a storage facility.

If a touring caravan is not a viable option for you, don't worry. Static caravans are a perfect alternative, and you can rent them by the week if buying one does not suit. Remember if you intend to purchase a static caravan, then you are committed to a vacation at the same location every time as the caravan cannot be moved without significant planning and investment.

Static caravans can be hired very easily, and there are plenty of locations you can choose from. They provide a level of luxury you are unlikely to find in most motel rooms, and are usually fitted-out with all the modern conveniences of home. Cooking facilities are always popular with families who enjoy self-catering, and you can expect home-from-home comforts such as a washing machine, television, and even a video recorder.

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