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Compare Prices in Different Publications

When you shop for a used car you have to work out what the true value of that car is. This is true both of the car you are looking to buy and also the car that you want to sell or trade in. A little bit of research can go a long way. It is a very tricky question as everyone wants as much as possible for their car. Remember though that everything is relative.

One of the first places to look would be the auto-trader style magazines which can be found at most convenience stores. These publications only provide rough outlines but are a useful starting point. Remember that most of these vehicles will have private owners, who are quite frankly rank amateurs in terms of car trading. When these cars are being researched, in particular for prices, we need to understand that they are of unknown background, and the people who set their asking prices don't know much about the business. So we could be dealing with hopes and dreams, old baggage, misconceptions and even flat-out lies.

When you see the price of the car, you should treat it like you would the price of a house, as the asking price. The numbers that you see can be used a guidelines to help you set the price of your own car and set the price bands that you will pay between when you buy that car. But many people don't treat these prices as guides, they think it is the drop dead price that they will not accept less than for their car when selling it or trading it in and not pay a penny more for it when they are buying.

The Sunday papers will have a classified ads section as well, but you will find that the prices there are lower than those in the auto-trader publications. The internet also offers a home for those deluding themselves about their cars value.

Most of these sources ask for a fair assessment of the car's condition, and in general people will overrate themselves. So, excellent must mean excellent. There cannot be excuses, there can't be little dents, dings, scrapes, problems or anything not working or missing. It should be completely clean, scrubbed and washed. There cannot be junk in that trunk, nor doughnut crumbs in those seats. If any of these are wrong, then the car is not excellent.

When you buy a used car, you must always be thinking of how you might need to sell it one day. You may need to raise some money or you may want to trade up cars. If you buy something personalised with modifications, they lose value quicker.

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