Used Cars Selling Tips

Tips on Asking Price and Market Values

It is stressful selling cars. People do tend to jump into selling used cars thinking that it is as simple as picking up your cash and watching your happy buyer gliding off into the horizon smiling at their mutual good fortune, with their newly applied furry dice hanging from the mirror and horn hooting away. But this is not something that happens all that often. You can lose a lot of money when selling your used car if you make mistakes as simple as not gathering the correct documentation for when you are meeting with your buying. Also, it is possible to have the car stolen off you when selling it, and you must be careful of this too.

When you decide to sell your car, you need to make sure all of the documentation is in order. Do not leave any out – because having all of the documentation available negates the onset of worried in the buyer, who will be looking to find reasons to knock off some money here and there. The buyer will want to see the current road worthiness certificate as well as previous road worthiness certificates, as then they can see certifiable mileage history. You should have service bills and receipts and your service books should have stamps in for when they got done. You should keep the tax disc as you may wish to claim the refund.

Another bit of research that you should have done is to find out what a sensible price you should be asking for is. Knowing the true value is vital, and you can find price guide on the internet before you set the price. When you do this, be sure to leave a bit of a margin which you can be comfortable being negotiated down on. This will also help when you are part exchanging your car for another one. You could find a great bargain on the car you are buying, but this is recouped by the dealer by offering you less than the true value for your car. Remember, no-one can stop you walking away from the private buyer or the dealership if you are not happy.

Then there are the rogue buyers. These are car thieves masquerading as buyers. If you are offering a test drive, do not get out of the car to get into the passenger seat, slide over from the driver's seat. Also, think about taking a friend along with you when you go for a ride with your buyer. Should you be paid by a banker's draft or a cheque, you must wait for it to clear into your account before releasing the car.

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