Used Cars Sale

Consider Car History, Finance, Price & Repairs

Selling your used car is about getting the best price that you can for the car in the time that you have. After all, many people love their car and have taken good care of their car, have serviced their car religiously and have cleaned it whether it is raining or shining. So when you come to sell it you want to see it off with a price that does it justice.

First of all you need to get your car ready for selling by cleaning it on the inside as well as the outside and ensuring that it is tidy. You should also take the car to get a road worthiness inspection, because this will give every buyer peace of mind about the basic condition of the car. When you are selling your car you need to impress the buyer, but if the car is unroadworthy and has a serious defect you are actually breaking the law should you sell it without describing it accurately.

When taking it for a clean, you should consider getting it professionally valeted. This can make a difference to the price, just like spring cleaning your house before selling that can raise the amount that you get. Should there be any simple mechanical faults then you should fix those and also repair any minor damage in the paintwork. Once the car is ready, then you can go out to communicate with the market.

Firstly, price your car realistically – look at popular classified ads magazines or look online and find out how much people are being asked for when your make and model is being sold.

If you have outstanding finance on the car you will have difficulty selling the car, such as having outstanding hire-purchase or agreements for conditional sale. You will need to get the finance company's permission to sell or you should settle the finance first.

You should make sure that you are not making reckless or false claims when you are wording adverts. You will not convince anyone by saying “first person to see it will want to buy”. No, when you write adverts you should stick to the facts by describing the car accurately. This includes how many months the road worthiness has left, and what the year and number plate say.

You should also be honest about the condition of the car in terms of any substantial repairs that it might need and whether it is just being sold for spares. When you get a receipt for selling you should put this information on there.

Sales will be easier if you get all of the history and documentation ready. Keep all of your servicing receipts and road worthiness certificates together. If you have a fully-stamped dealer service record then that adds value.

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