Used Cars Price Guide: NADA: US & Parkers: UK

Used Car Price Guide

The reasons why people would want to use a used cars price guide are twofold. One would be that they are selling a car and want to see what a realistic price would be to set for it. You don't want to set your price too high or it'll take ages to sell the car. You also don't want to set it too low as people will be sceptical of the quality of the car and if you do sell it you'll miss out on money on it that you can use for buying another car. The other might be because you are buying a car and want to see what the right price range is that you should pay.

There are some very good used cars price guides that and like cars they can be found in all shapes and sizes and quality. A very basic used car price guide for instance must be the listings of used cars available in many newspapers. Many dealers will advertise what they have on their forecourt or can get their hands on quickly in a newspaper advert, giving the registration number so you can see what is a normal price for a car of a certain age. But they don't tell you about the condition of the car or the mileage on the car as they don't really have enough space to do so.

Another group of listings that can help give you a guide to used cars prices are in the specialist car magazines. At the back of the magazines are some comprehensive lists of almost all of the makes and models available to buy. They have the space to give you prices for different ages of the cars, and sometimes the different conditions as well. They may also be able to give you prices if the cars include some particular improvements such as automatic gear box.

Another good guide to used cars prices would be in the many used car classified adverts all over the place. In magazines, in newspapers and on the internet you can see used cars being advertised. For instance, there are plenty of used Ford Focuses available as they are an extremely popular new car to buy. Look at the year of registration of the Ford Focuses (ie: ‘03' or ‘51' or 99Y) then look at the options on it such as cruise control, automatic gearbox, air conditioning and mileage, and if you find a few of them you can see a decent target price.

Then there are some specialist used car price guides like Parkers in the UK and N.A.D.A in the US , which don't provide any other useful information, but are the best places to go for used car prices.

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