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So much is written about the dangers you might encounter when buying used cars that you would have thought that every time you do so you are swimming in shark infested waters. People used to think that they would have to look over every inch of a car before committing to buying it.

This was the same with clothes – people thought you would have to try them on first, but they didn't bargain for the emergence of mail order clothes retailers like L.L.Bean. These are just another way to buy or sell, as in the car marketplace the buying of used automobiles has been transformed by the demystification of the process brought on by services like Autobytel. Companies like this have pre-negotiated some no-haggle prices on cars that they have themselves bought from auto dealers. The internet has made the whole process easier, making some proprietary knowledge available to those people who are shopping for cars so that they have enough information to make a purchase. Autobytel however was about new cars but companies like CarsDirect can do this with used cars as well.

The first used car classifieds appeared online late in the 1990s. These were for more collectible vehicles where the owners wanted to reach a far off market. They then got their own category on ebay and then was launched, and that became the most commonly visited automotive website.

Ebay noticed that people were happy to buy valuable collectibles and memorabilia on the web so why shouldn't they buy cars. Some people enjoy the building of a relationship during the transaction and the fact that they can research the seller using the ebay feedback mechanism which lets the buyers even contact previous buyers who had dealt with that seller.

To address the issue of many used-car buyers not wanting to bid on something they haven't seen before, companies like ebay put together an Assurance program. There is a no cost warranty covering mechanical failure for 1000 miles or 1 month. Some purchase insurance was created to protect the buyer against misrepresentation up to a certain amount. There is also payment protection which means the buyer pays a deposit to the seller and then puts the balance in an escrow account so that both parties are satisfied.

They also have contracted with professional vehicle inspectors who can assess a car's condition for fee and also have a deal with national car transport companies to get the car to you if you are buying a car that is located out-of-state.

People like buying on the net like this as it leads to price normalisation – with the market setting the price – not anything else.

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