Used Car Loans: Credit Records & Interest Rates

Find a Used Car Loan Online

When you are going for a loan for used cars you need to do as much research as possible, almost and sometimes more than when you are choosing your actual car. There are many car loan websites that you can use to learn about car loans and compare car loans and select the loan that you want as well. Once you have selected the car loan that you want you need to know how to get approval for that loan.

Some people already have a car loan, which they may have got a not so good interest rate on. This could be for many reason. Maybe when they took out the loan their credit record wasn't so good so they were charged a higher interest rate. Or maybe interest rates in general were higher when they took out the loan and now interest rates are lower there are better deals available which you can take advantage off. Thus you pay off your current loan in order with money from the cheaper loan. This is called refinancing and is clever money management more than anything else – as long as the penalties for paying off your original loan aren't too high.

You also need to know about your credit record. You need to know if you have bad credit and how you can clean up your credit report. If there are mistakes or omissions on your credit record then you need to get it cleaned up as well. Many people go off shopping without knowing their credit score, so they spend time chasing the 0% finance deals that sometimes happen – which normally involve paying off the loan in 36 months – and find that no-one will give them that deal.

If you keep getting rejected though, then you should look into loans for people with bad credit. Even though you may have to pay a high interest rate and even though there will probably be redemption penalties, you will still benefit from getting the loan and paying off the loan reliably as this is away to get yourself into good credit again.

Ultimately, your best bet for getting a car loan is online. The reason for this is that when you get a loan online, the loan company has much lower costs as they won't have to have a person talking to you and they can do a lot of things automatically, so marginal costs are lower. It is also easier for you as you fill in a smallish application form and you can get approval in just a few minutes from logging on. If your dealer is offering you finance, you can tell him the rate you have from the online company and see if he can compete.

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