Used Car Listings: Online, Classifieds & Magazines

Find good listings of used cars

There are different levels of usefulness for used car listings and that is what you need to be able to discern between.

For instance, in the backish pages of many newspapers, between the news and the sport, you will find that dealers have provided a listing of the cars that they either have in stock or can get hold of in a short period of time. This can be useful because you can see who has what. The amount of information that they are able to give you isn't very comprehensive though, because they don't have much room and they seem to operate on the idea that the more cars they put in there the more people will think its worth going to that dealer. So you will get a listing of the cars, maybe with their years of registration and maybe mileage and then a price – although this will be an indicative price as you will normally be able to negotiate with them.

Newspapers will also have classified adverts, which count as listings in a way. They will provide more information than dealer listings and usually be from private owners. The classifieds will also be relevant to the target readership of the newspaper.

Another place to find a good listing of used cars will be in specialist car magazines, which are used by people who want to sell cars as they know that someone reading the magazine will be more likely to be interested in buying a car. One of the things that car magazines do is to repeat content a lot because they may only be bought 3 times by one person during their car search and then not again until the next time they want a car. This shows how targeted these magazines are.

You'll find a lot of used car listings online as well – with listings of approved used cars on manufacturer websites, and most dealers having a website as well. There are sites which act as a kind of dating service for people who want to buy and sell – where you can search for cars all over certain areas.

Another use for used car listing you should know about is if you have a leased car that you have to keep hold of for 3 years but you want to get rid of it (it might be a company car), then you can get a dealer to put it on a listing to see if any other dealers want to buy it – and the dealer will get a cut.

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