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If you know where to look you can get plenty of used car information on pricing, reviews, financing and insurance. Buying a car is a multifaceted process requiring consideration of a massive amount of information. To get the right car at just the right time you need to do your homework, which is made a lot easier for you at this time of electronic information allowing you to find so many facts.

If you are having troubles finding a car to buy then you can get vehicle reviews from many places. There are many auto enthusiast magazines which are the primary sources of car reviews. The internet has also opened the doors for more car information. The enthusiast magazines will most likely have their own website and there are also specialist web sites that have been set up. Should you prefer to get your information out of printed publications, then you can find many buying guides from many newsstands. When you are trying to work out which car you want you should read as many reviews as you can so you will get a good cross-section of viewpoints.

Once you have decided which model you are interested in you need to dig much deeper. You can get information on features, options and specifications from many easily accessible sources. Go to the manufacturers websites or look in the appropriate brochures. Look at different trim levels and look very carefully at the options and features so that you can hone your choice.

As far as pricing is concerned you can find out prices from the manufacturers' web sites for certain models and certain options, and you can even build the car that you want, choosing options and trim levels, so then you get a total retail price for that configuration. It is against this that you should measure the used car you are offered as if you are offered two used cars of the same models with different specs then you need to see what difference that spec makes. Independent assessments can come from dealer websites as well.

You can also look at the real-world ownership costs when you consider a model. You can get plenty of information from printed guides from Intellichoice. You can also get new auto purchasing reports from Intellichoice with stats for repair costs, maintenance costs, depreciation and the total costs of ownership for the first five years.

You can also look at consumer reports to find out how reliable your models are. These can be in over a dozen categories, from electrical to engine. You can also look at safety, and there are many web sites with safety information. Then you should look up insurance at and finally financing information.

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