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The onset of the internet means that when you want a guide to used cars you really do have a wealth of information to wade through. This doesn't necessarily make your life easier though, as sometimes information overload can mean that you just don't know where to look. So here is a quick run through the different places where you can get a guide to used cars.

On TV now there are quite a few programmes on terrestrial which offer a guide to used cars. The major programmes will generally have a section where they review some used cars and it's always worth watching them to see the cars being used. There are now some cable channels devoted to cars and they will have racing programmes but also a guide to the different cars, and this will include used cars.

In the newspapers nowadays you can normally find some good content about used cars. More or less once a week the major newspapers will have a cars supplement which will feature different used cars or articles about the ones that are fashionable at the moment or the ones that the celebrities use. But there isn't really enough space to go into a detailed guide to used cars.

The specialist car magazines are very useful for the space that they can afford to give over to used cars. There will be a lot of content in specialist magazines about new cars, comparing them and helping readers choose them, but the specialist magazines are also aware that many of their readers can only afford used cars, so they also devote a healthy amount of space to used cars. At the back of many specialist car magazines for instance will be a list of all cars on the market from the manufacturers with a guide to their prices depending on how old they are.

There have also been books published at regular intervals which give guides to the used cars on the market.

But to be honest if you have the internet you may not need anything else. The specialist car magazines will each have a website with most of their information on there. There will also be other websites set up by dealers and many other people from the consumer associations down to individual car enthusiasts which can provide you with a guide to used cars on the market. Before the advent of the internet – it wouldn't have been possible to enter the exact make and model of a car you are looking at and find review of it from hundreds of people all over the world. So we think that the best used car guides is right where you are now, on the world wide web.

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