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Cheap is an interesting word when it comes to used cars. Cars are not really a commodity once they have left the production line because they will differ depending on how they have been used since they were new and so will be in such different states at different times that it's difficult to know what is cheap and what isn't.

So for the purposes of this page we shall take a car that is a particular make and a particular model a particular trim, and a particular engine, with a particular transmission and drive, a particular mileage and a particular age, and with particular equipment and ask where can you find that car with those features cheapest.

Well, it is unlikely that you'll find the car at its cheapest at a new car dealer. New car dealers do have used cars on their forecourt, as many people trade in their car when they buy a new one. But new car dealers need to make money and have overheads to cover, and so will need to make a profit on the used car. Thus it will be difficult to find a used car for sale cheap here.

When you go to a used car dealership, you are more likely to find this particular car for sale cheap but again the used car dealership has to make money and cover overheads so you are unlikely to get them at their cheapest here.

Used car supermarkets offer the convenience of having a lot of different cars on their site, and if the particular car you are looking for is on your site you are going to have to pay for the upkeep of all the other cars on that site and the sites overhead. Used car supermarkets also are less likely to negotiate which some may see as a good thing but in fact means you are unlikely to find that car cheap there.

You are very likely to find the car cheap when you buy it privately. Of course the time that you have to spend finding the car and arranging appointments may not be regarded by you as valueless, but if you find the right person who wants to sell quickly you can get used cars for cheap this way quite reliably.

Recently there has been new places to find used cars for sale cheaply, and these are the used car auctions normally the reserve of dealers, private buyer can now use them. Sometimes these will be the cheapest, although they can also be dangerous for the uninitiated and excitable people who may bid too much. You also don't have so much time for inspection. Being lumbered with a lemon isn't cheap.

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