Used Cars Classifieds: Guide to Writing

Auto Calassifieds - Common Abbreviations

When you sell your car, how you advertise it is definitely the key. You can advertise your car in local newspapers, car magazines, shop windows and the internet. In most of these adverts you will see one style used – the used cars classified ad. Knowing how to write these classifieds is a vital skill for you to have.

When you write a classified, you need to be as upfront as you can. For instance, if you are only selling your car for parts, then you should say so. If you are to make claims like ‘the car is in very good condition' or VGC, then you should make sure that you are able to substantiate that claim. If the buyer sees an advert saying very good condition then finds that in fact they have bought a rust bucket then they can actually sue you for misleading advertising.

You should never used the words ‘genuine' and ‘cheap' in your classified adverts – it is a very dangerous thing to do as it makes buyers wary of what they are buying. Why should you need to say ‘genuine'? Cheap isn't that good as they will be worried about why it is cheap.

Should you get a call from someone who has seen your ad, then you need to be polite. You should also be able to answer questions quickly like the mileage on the car and the number of owners. Also, remember to be completely honest at all times. Too be safe, you should also make sure that you do not let anyone who has come round to see the car into your house and make sure you have someone else around.

Some auto classifieds are free to advertise in, most are charged per word. If you want to use abbreviations to keep your word count down you can, but you shouldn't make your ad too obscure. You should also avoid some of the little known ones, such as T'n'T, which means ‘taxed and tested'.

Here are ten of the most common abbreviations:

  1. 4WD – four-wheel drive
  2. ABS – anti-lock brakes
  3. MAN – Manual transmission
  4. Auto – Automatic transmission
  5. FSH – Full service history
  6. VGC – very good condition
  7. ONO – or near offer
  8. A/C – air conditioning
  9. E/windows, c/locking, s/roof – electric windows, central locking, sunroof
  10. OIRO – Offers in the region of

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