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Auctions are normally open only to representatives of the dealers. But you should be warned as making decisions when you only have a second to do it in is not difficult, yet buyers attending used-car auctions have to do this all the time. This makes the action very fast and the rewards really quite risky. You could end up paying too much for a car that tempts you and could have trouble if you intend to sell it on quickly. Should you not bid enough you won't be able to get the car at all, and this could mean missing out on a superb deal.

Car auctions suffer from a very serious image problem. People think that the best place to get a used car is from a private seller – who has hardly driven the car and has kept it just about spotless and is also happy to part with it for a tiny amount. People have thought that if a car has been through an auction it must be one of the business's dregs, and should thus be avoided. In fact, people saw auctions as being responsible for the sins that are committed by the more unscrupulous of used-car dealers, who were accused of marketing shoddy products at prices that were far too high. This stigma does exist today, but the auction business is still booming and those that work within it have worked to change the perceptions of people in terms of how they work.

For instance, the large auction groups have helped in policing the more dishonest of the used-car dealers. One of the top auction chains, ADT Automotive, played a major role in the mid 1980s in making the rolling back of odometers a federal crime. A few years later, they initiated a program to certify vehicles going through the auctions. All cars were inspected carefully before they are sold to dealers and this can be pointed out to the buyers when the cars are on the lot. Auctions can offer detailing and reconditioning services even when full certification isn't offered.

Almost half of vehicles that are moved on through auctions have been consigned by dealers and many others used to be consumer-leased and are being remarketed because their lease term has ended. Some also get offered by manufacturers directly to the auction house, so that they can be bought by franchised dealers, or to rental companies or fleet organizations.

You need to be careful when you shop for a used car, but we would like to point out that just because a car you are buying came through an auction doesn't mean that it should be consigned to the category of also-rans.

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