Used Cars Sales: Pricing, Buying and Selling Tips

What are the best tactics for used cars sales?

If you are selling your car you are likely to have one of two motivations. You are going to want to get the best price for the car or you are going to want to make the quickest sale.

The price that you set is very important – if you get this wrong then your car simply won't sell. It's not just pricing too high that can cause problems though – its also pricing too low. If you put too low a price on your car the buyer will be suspicious that there is something wrong with it. You should therefore do a lot of research when pricing your car, to find out what it is actually worth, particularly in terms of the expectations of those who will be buying it. Whilst doing this you should bear in mind the condition, the registration year and the mileage.

The easiest and quickest way to sell your car is to trade it in at the dealer when you are buying a new car. This will also give you the lowest price for your car, so if that is your motivation then going down the trade in route isn't the best idea.

If you sell your car privately you are giving up convenience, unless you are very lucky, as it will take a longer time to make the appointments and carry them through before finding your buyer. However, you will get a better price than the trade in price, although it won't be as high as the price for the car that the buyer of your car would pay on a dealer's forecourt, that's why they are coming to you as a private owner anyway, so they don't have to pay what they would on a dealer's forecourt.

When you price your car for a quick sale then you have to be reasonable. Look through the other car adverts for your make and model so you can gauge the current prices for that car. When you set your price you must put some leeway into it, as you'll find that potential buyers like to drive away with a car that they have knocked the price down for so you have to set your price at a level where you can take some off during the negotiation phase.

Some of the cars will be seasonal in terms of pricing, so you shouldn't expect to get a good price for your convertible if you are selling the car at the beginning of autumn.

When you are selling though – you shouldn't use words like ‘cheap' and ‘genuine' because that could make buyers wary of what you are selling. Used car sales are always about a trusting relationship.

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