Test Used Cars: Test Drives & Road Tests

Testing Used Cars

This is a very important part of used car buying. The car reviews can say what they like but should your vehicle not fit your lifestyle, you then will be dissatisfied very quickly with it. So you can make a hands-on assessment by taking a test drive. Then you can find out whether the used car you test drive will be a goer for you and you will have a long term relationship.

The more time you can spend test driving the car the better. You should also try various roads. An idea for you is to rent the car you want to buy for a few days so that you can spend a few days with it. An interesting point here is that when you rent the car you get the real thing and you can see what happens when the car you are about to buy is a year or two older. However, you are most likely to have to make do with the dealership test drive.

Here are some test driving tips:

Don't rush the test, you need to make sure you do it properly. You need to see the car's true personality, and concentrate on the car.

You should take another person with you to the dealer, so that you can have someone taking notes when you are driving and you can not feel overwhelmed by the salesperson

Look first at the basics can you get in and get out of the vehicle easily? If you are short and getting a tall vehicle this is very important

Can you fit in the car? Can you adjust the steering wheel and the seat and get comfortable. You may find the seats not comfortable for you for instance. Also, can you reach the pedals in comfort?

Do you feel safe? Is the seatbelt comfortable? Are the headrests adjustable?

Do you find that the controls are located conveniently? You really don't need controls that are hard to operate with all you have to deal with when driving. Are you happy with the position of commonly used controls.

Are you happy with storage? Are you happy where you put CDs and cassettes and cups. Can you fold rear seats down when you want to carry large loads?

Can you see well in all directions or are there vision problems from blind spots? Can you use the front of the car well so that parking is easier? Practice parking.

Choose your own route go on a lot of road surfaces go fast and go slow. How's the ride?

Test cars the same day helps you compare them easier.

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