New Used Cars: The Lowdown

Nearly New Used Cars

The minute a car leaves the factory in which it was manufactured it teeters on the precipice of being a used car instead of a new car. In fact, there is a lot of effort that is needed to keep it a new car. For instance instead of driving the car to the dealer, the car would need to be transported by one of those trucks you see going up and down motorways with cars hanging precariously from them, to make sure that mileage isn't put on them. Also, the dealer cannot register the car if they want to keep it a completely new car, otherwise the car will have actually had a previous owner (the dealer) when the owner takes possession of it which negates the need to be paying for a new car.

I think though that we can safely say that between the levels of being a new car and a used car is the status of being a nearly new car. This is when the car is between 0 and 6 months old, and it will go through certain stages even then.

Then there are the demonstrator cars. These will be even cheaper than the pre-registered cars, because they will have been used by the dealer for test drives so that customers can test the car that they will then order completely new. Eventually the dealer will want to sell the demonstrator car, so you can pick up a bargain then, which will have been carefully looked after by the dealer.

Sometimes the dealer will give those who are working for them a car to use for a while so that more of the new cars are out on the road, which can serve as a moving advertisement for them. If you go to a dealer and ask what is on their books of less than 3-6 months old then most of them will be out driven by their salespeople.

Nearly new cars are a great way to enjoy many benefits of a new car without the cost.

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