Find Used Cars: Online, Dealership or Private?

Finding a Used Car

There are a lot of places to find used cars.

New car dealerships offer a good amount of variety, so you will find a more extensive selection of used cars for a certain make and model here. The reason why so many new car dealerships have used cars available is that when consumers buy a new car they will often trade in their current used vehicles. So should you have a certain make and model of car in mind – say a Toyota , then try a Toyota new car dealer first to see what they have. When a new car dealer gets the used car that has been traded in – they will keep the best examples on their forecourts but wholesale the other trade ins to used car dealers or put them through an auction.

So now you know how many used car dealerships get their used cars – from new dealers who are selling trade ins to them. Some used car dealerships only deal in one make of car, and these dealers can have a small corner lot with about 10 to 15 cars in or they could have a much larger dealerships selling over 100 cars. They don't just get their cars from new dealers, they also get cars from dealer-only auctions. What is interesting is that used car dealerships are level with restaurants in having one of the largest business failure rates for all small businesses.

Some used car dealers do not want to be restricted to one make of car. This is why there are used car superstores, which have become very prevalent in the last few years. Used car superstores have large inventories of used vehicles of many makes and models and can sometimes store 400 or 500 cars at the same time. Their inventory is mainly from large dealer-only auctions and tend to be late models, not older cars.

Private owner sales are the most common way of buying a car. It is a very time consuming process as you can normally only see one car per private owner. Actually, some “private owners” may have a lot of cars to choose from, in which case they are probably a disguised dealer and you should ask to see the registration or title, and if it is a few days old you should beware.

Car auctions used to be limited to licensed dealers. Now there are public car auctions with individuals being able to competitively bid for used cars. There will be a wide variety of cars to select from at each auction, but the quality will also be varied. Different auctions will specialise in different things. Some will only be a source of late model cars and some will specialise in cheap transportation.

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