Buying Used Cars: The Right Place to Buy

Dealerships, Superstores, Private or at an Auction

Should you be wanting to buy a used car you have many sources. There are the new car dealerships (who normally will have approved used cars on their forecourt as well). Then there are the used car dealerships, the used car superstores, the auctions and the private owners. We can't really say what is the best one of these, as they will all have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of the price you can get, the convenience of them and probably the quality of the used car they are selling. However, the large field of choices enable you to compare the prices of the cars, as well as the financing options and warranties.

New car dealerships offer a wider selection particularly of the makes that the dealership is selling new. It is likely that more reconditioning has been done on the car. The dealership is generally going to be a well established business. New car dealerships will have access also to financing and warranties. Disadvantages are that they will charge higher prices in general. They are also harder to do business with on average and you will have to be a good negotiator. You should also watch out for them trying to trade you up to more than what you need.

Used car dealerships will have prices which are generally less than the new car dealerships, and are likely to be easier to negotiate with. As they tend to be smaller you are more likely to be dealing with the owner, who has more authority to make decisions. However, quality will likely be lower, warranty coverage will most likely be less, and the selection is lesser. Also, they do go out of business a lot.

Used car superstores will provide the largest selection of later model vehicles. Much of the pricing is low already so you don't have to negotiate, and there is normally good warranty coverage. However, those technicians that prepare and maintain the cars are less likely to be factory changed, and their best price is likely to be easily beaten by the dealerships.

Private owners tend to have reasonable prices and you are actually speaking to the car owner, so you can get a better feel for its maintenance.The downfall is this takes alot of time and can be quite inconvenient, you also can't arrange a warranty unless there is one yet.

Auctions offer you a wide variety of vehicles that you can easily compare and get at low prices. But there is less opportunity for inspection of the vehicle, it's tough to get a professional opinion and all sales are final so you could get stuck with a real lemon.

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