Buy Used Cars: Where to go

Classifieds or a Car Supermarket?

This is a very important question as the place where you go to buy a used car can make a big difference in choice, service, price, and probably most importantly, the rights that you have as a consumer.

The easiest place to go is probably the forecourts of a dealer. If you do this you kind of need to forget the reputation that used car dealers have. This can sometimes be deserved and sometimes not. But, despite their reputation for being shysters, used car dealers do in fact offer some advantages to the consumers that other locations for used car buying do not.

The fact that there is a physical location you are able to return to if something goes wrong with your car should not be underestimated. Used car dealers, however they decide to do business, cannot afford to move every time they sell a dodgy motor to someone. Because they are always there, when you buy used cars at a used car dealer then you get the most convenience, most probably the best service and the highest amount of consumer rights.

Car supermarkets also called super sites are also becoming more and more popular these days. These are large sites that feature a large variety of makes of car. This leads to the advantages of the car supermarket they buy in bulk so you get low prices and there is a lot of space so there is a lot of choice. However, because since they claim to offer low prices they are unlikely to be willing to haggle with you.

Car auctions are becoming more prominent these days and more common. You might think that they are a bit dangerous as you may not get a reliable car there however, car auctions actually provide guarantees that they are selling mechanically sound cars. You can also get the cars fully inspected if you bring along someone knowledgeable about cars or even hire an AA inspector. You can get some really good deals at car auctions, but you should go to them a few times so that you can see how they operate before you actually bid for anything.

Private classifieds are not good for consumer rights but are good for bargains. You should keep a copy of the ads that you collect so that when you take possession of the car and find out that the mileage is false or something about the condition hasn't been told to you there is proof of false advertising.

Websites can be easier to research but you should buy from an established name and make sure that there is a physical presence for the site so that you can call them.

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