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The right home theater seating is very important to the dedicated movie connoisseur. The main decision you’ll have to make is whether you want your seating to replicate the seating in a movie theater, or whether you want it to be cozy and homely. In other words, do you want authenticity or domesticity?

The division between the seating units is the main drawback of choosing replica movie theater seating. In a public place, it’s great to have an individual seat that draws a boundary between you and your fellow moviegoer; however, it’s not so great when you want to snuggle up with your loved one to watch something romantic. However, if you just want to watch a game and drink a few beers with your buddies, individual seating isn’t a problem.

Some people take the movie theater theme to the limit, choosing the kind of uncomfortable chairs that were found in theaters a decade ago. These people are prepared to track down manufacturers of chairs whose seats flip up when you stand up, too. Our page on cool furniture gives more information. However, there’s no need to go quite that far. Many manufacturers have caught on to the need for comfortable seating that still conveys the idea of being in a theater. For example, Furniture on the Web (www.furnitureontheweb.com) has a range of home theater seating that takes its inspiration from the movie theater but adds touches to make it all more viewer-friendly. The pieces in the Director’s Collection and the Studio Collection have high armrests, but these are combined with comfortable features such as footrests and squishy backs.

However, you might decide to remember the “home” part of “home theater”, and choose seating that has absolutely nothing to do with movie houses, and everything to do with matching your home design. If that’s the case, you have a lot more choice. You’re restricted only by the size of the room and your own ideas of what will work. You might want to mix old and new by reclining on an antique-style ottoman as you watch The Matrix. Or you might simply want a big, squishy couch that fits your existing color scheme. Whatever you choose, remember that once you’re immersed in the home movie experience, your seating won’t have any visual impact on you. Of course, you need something that won’t hurt your eyes when you walk into the room, but a numb butt is more likely to spoil your home theater experience than a clashing pattern on the sofa. So worry about comfort before you think about appearance.

When the lights are dimmed and the movie’s rolling, you’ll forget all about your couch until the show is over.

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