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Sometimes regular home theater furniture just doesn’t cut the mustard. Sure, a comfy couch is great for watching TV, but you don’t have a regular TV – you have a home theater system. You want furniture that shouts “Theater!” If that sounds like you, great news. There’s plenty of great home theater furniture out there for moviephiles who crave the kitsch and the crazy.

To get you in the authentic movie theater mood, you can buy seats that flip up when you stand up and come with their own popcorn holder. Home Theater Interiors sell these. The same company also goes crazy for coffee tables. Choose a glass table that resembles a film reel on a tripod base, or one that looks just like a filmstrip with a glass top, but much larger. If you want to create an impression right from the moment your guests walk in the room, you can have lengths of velour rope stretching between brass or chrome posts, just like the ones you see in real movie theaters. It’s all available from the Home Theater Interiors website.

If you have a real thirst for retro fittings, why not splash out on an old-fashioned soda machine? American Vending Sales has a 1950s-style soda machine that serves two kinds of beverage. Choose from free and coin-activated vend modes. The same company also sells more modern designs.

Perhaps you need a snack to soak up all that soda. If so, check out Snappy Popcorn. There you’ll find popcorn machines in a wide variety of designs, from the retro to the modern, as well as carts to make them mobile. For example, the “Amish Hand Crafted Oak Cart” rubs shoulders with the “Contempo Pop”, which resembles a sleek espresso machine more than a popcorn maker. You can also buy plenty of Star Wars-themed machines and carts.

Finally, your home theater furniture needs some wall decoration to complement it. And what better decoration than movie prints? All Posters has a wide selection of posters from modern movies, while Art Posters International lets you choose from prints of the classics.








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