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Home theater accessories

Home theater accessories are a great way of making your home theater look truly individual.

When you choose your equipment, you’re thinking about sound and picture quality, aiming to get the best kit possible within your price range. But when you buy your home theater accessories, your choices are dictated by the mood you want to create.

Our pages on seating and furniture give an idea of the range of items available to create a personalized look. Whether you want kitschy or classy, there’s a whole host of chairs, popcorn-makers and posters to suit your style. But it’s not just the equipment that uses the latest technology; many home theater accessories are hi-tech in their own right. For example, many home theater buffs enjoy wireless headphones. Our page on wireless technology explains more, but the chief benefit is that you get to listen to music and wander around at the same time without tripping over wires. Great for people who like to dance along to music without disturbing the rest of the family.

It’s also possible to buy wireless game controllers – a great idea if your family is always tripping over wires when you’re gaming. The new generation of wireless controllers has eclipsed the infra-red models of old. Newer models use radio frequency (RF) technology, which makes them more reliable. And they don’t need an uninterrupted space between you and the game box, which is handy if people tend to wander between you and the screen.

Game console design has advanced too, so you’re no longer limited to a black piece of plastic with buttons. For example, Dance Dance Revolution involves standing on a platform and dancing along with patterns generated by the program. There are also several games where you plug a bongo into the controls. These kinds of controls are known as peripherals in the industry. Not all the interesting peripherals utilize wireless technology – yet - but they’re still pretty cool.

A less exciting, but still important accessory is a video calibration disc. These contain test patterns that allow you to adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness and other factors that create a good picture. Most factory settings are adjusted to look good in a brightly-lit store, not in your living room, so you need to re-adjust for home use. A calibration disc allows you to alter the settings until you’re seeing the movie picture that the makers intended.







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