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Visit their site - http://www.wenzelco.com/

Wenzel Tents have been around for several decades and they’re one of the most familiar tent brands in the US. They are made by Wenzel The Camping Company who also manufactures sleeping bags, sleeping mats, camp chairs, outdoor lighting and accessories.

The history of Wenzel products dates back to 1887 when sail maker Hermann Wenzel started testing innovative methods of sewing and treating canvas. Through his research he improved the serviceability of wagon covers and stockmen’s tarps which he sold.

Since those early days the Camping Company has continued with its product research and development, no using the latest computer technology. Research and development is now also conducted in a laboratory, based on real-world experience.

One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing a Wenzel tent is their customer service. They provide a toll-free customer hotline, they stock parts on all equipment for seven years and they will deliver replacements within 48 hours.

The Wenzel tent range isn’t huge but they do cater for backpackers as well as larger family groups.

Sleeps 2: Starlite - Ideal for hiking, biking, Shasta – Sports Dome

Sleeps 3: Pine Valley – Sports Dome

Sleeps 4: Elkhorn – Sports Dome, Pinewood – Sport Dome, Solitude – Sports Dome, Mesa – Sports Dome, Sedona II – 2 Room Family Dome, Cedar Brook – 2 Room Family Dome

Sleeps 7: Galaxy – 3 Room Family Dome, Big Cedar – 3 Room Family Dome

Sleeps 8: Wildwood – 4 Room Family Dome

Sleeps 9: Summer House – 3 Room Family Dome, Starwood – 3 Room Family Pentadome. Woodlands – 2 Room Cabin Dome

Sleeps 10: Shenandoah – 3 Room Cabin Dome w/Screen Room, Cedar Glen – 4 Room Cabin Dome

Wenzel tents are very reasonable when it comes to price and they fall into the mid range compared to other tent brands. You can not make a purchase directly from their website www.wenzelco.com but they do have a store locator which can direct you to stores within the US.

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