Wall Tents - For a Longer Stay

Wall tent specifications and uses

Wall tents, also known as outfitter tents, are designed for longer stay camping excursions. Their full metal or wooden frame usually provides plenty of room inside, allowing standing room, instead of having to stoop.

The spaciousness of a cabin tent is very handy when you are stuck inside due to wet and stormy conditions.

The straighter sides of canvas wall tents also utilize space more efficiently than those with curved walls, allowing plenty of room for chairs, tables or cooking equipment. Another appealing characteristic of a outfitter tent is their ability to have indoor heat. Some have the ability to be set up with a portable wood burning stove. Even in very cool conditions, this consistent stream of heat can make the tent an extremely warm and cozy place to be.

Wall tents usually fall into the four season category as they perform equally well in summer or winter. However, they’re not suited for backpacking or campground hopping as their strong poles and fabric makes them heavy and bulky to transport. Outfitters are generally used as ‘base camps’ and not moved around on a daily basis.

Most wall tents are made from durable canvas which allows the tent to breathe easily, instead of gathering condensation on the ceiling. If you are looking at buying one it does help to understand a little bit of the tent fabric terminology. Canvas weight doesn’t determine quality a 12 oz canvas won’t necessarily be any stronger or more durable than one that is 10 oz. Quality comes down to a term called fill, which is used to describe the weave of the fabric. Double fill canvas is considered to be of superior quality because two threads are twisted together to make a single more durable thread.

Before purchasing a canvas wall tent, make sure you check that it has been treated, because an untreated canvas tent can shrink by up to 10%. However, you can avoid shrinkage with an untreated tent, if you only plan to use the tent in the dry summer months.



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