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After more than thirty years of experience in the tent making business Vango is recognised as a market leader. The Vango tent and outdoor equipment brand is distributed by AMG Outdoors who also distribute other outdoor brands such as Rossignol, Teva, Wayfarer, Trezeta, Trangia, Phoenix, Storm, Force Ten and Lichfield.

Vango has a huge range of tents with more than 50 different models covering all ends of the camping spectrum, from family campers to mountaineers. All of their fabrics and components undergo extensive testing especially those that are destined for extreme weather conditions.

In terms of price Vango tents are about in the mid to high range compared to other brands. Their least expensive tent may cost around 180 pounds for a two person light weight tent to 400 pounds for a family tent that can sleep nine.

The infamous bright orange force ten tents introduced in 1967 are probably the most recognized model. They are still a favorite for expedition groups due to their quality construction, stability and durability.

In the early nineties the company made significant improvements to its expedition and mountain trekking tents with the introduction of a Tri-Support System. This stabilizing pole system adds stability, to an upright alloy pole.

Diablo, Lightweight, 2-3 Season and More

Vango tents fall into five different categories: Expedition/Mountain, Lightweight, All season, 2-3 Season, Family/Group.

The Expedition/Mountain range has the most extreme rating out of the entire range. They are put through vigorous testing in harsh conditions and they’re ideal for extreme weather, extended expeditions, winter climbing and long journeys.

The Lightweight models are best suited to minimalist camping, adventure racing and backpacking. All the materials used have also been tested for component suitability as well as design over a extended length of time.

As the name suggests the All Season tent range can be used all year round. This range is ideal for backpacking, camping and trekking.

The 2/3 Season Camping range is suitable for campers, backpackers and general holiday makers. The product design caters for a combination of wear, tear and comfort, for 2-3 season camping.

The Group tents are by far the biggest models in the range, most of these models have enough room to stand up in. Some of the features include spacious living areas and secure bedroom compartments. The Diablo Family tent is one of the most popular models in this range with the Diablo 900 capable of sleeping nine.

It isn’t possible to purchase Vango tents directly from their website, but it does direct you to a list of their online and traditional stockists. If you want to buy a Vango and you are not based in the UK they also have a list of international stockists that can be found on their website

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