Tent Trailers - Pop Up or Fold Down Options

Coleman, Starcraft and Rockwood Trailers

Tent trailers are ideal if you enjoy camping and the outdoors but you would like a major upgrade from a tent. A folding tent trailer will not only keep your family off the ground, but they provide more comfort and extra protection from the elements.

Pop Up and Fold Down

A tent trailer can also be called a pop up, or a fold down camper. They all use the same mechanism where the unit folds out into two large wings, which then become two separate sleeping areas. The base unit usually features a mini refrigerator, a small dinette, storage areas, outdoor shower area and some kind of cooking facility. Top of the range models can also feature water filters, heating/air-conditioning, a shower, toilet and a manual slide-out room.

Most camping tent trailers come with collapsible sidewalls that are made from canvas. If you are looking at buying a tent trailer, make sure the fabric is breathable otherwise it will be prone to moisture and condensation build up.

The units usually fall between the 1’500 to 4,000 pound weight range. Once a tow bar or hitch is attached to your car some of the lighter models can be towed by a standard passenger car. For the heavier end of the tent trailer range you may require a SUV, truck, mini-van or large sedan.

These models also make for a very affordable holiday, they are considerably less than the high end RV’s on the market and can be bought new for around $5,000 to $10,000. Your mileage costs will be more than what it would cost to transport a family cabin tent but still considerably less than towing other RV’s.

One of the only downsides of the trailer is they can be a little tight on space if you are used to the spaciousness of a family cabin tent. However, if you unzip all the windows and doors on a sunny day it can help give more of a roomy feel.

Coleman, Starcraft and Rockwood Trailers

If you are looking at ditching your tent in favor of a tent trailer, Coleman tent trailers are considered to be among the best. Coleman started manufacturing folding campers in 1967, but they sold their folding trailer division to Fleetwood Enterprises in the late eighties. Fleetwood Enterprises have steadily grown over the years and they are now considered to be one of the world’s largest recreational vehicle manufacturers.

Other quality brands that are worth considering are Starcraft tent trailers and Rockwood tent trailers. Happy camping!

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