Pop Up Tents - Camping, Beach and Pop Up Tent Trailers

Types of pop up tents

Pop up tents

Pop Up tents are some of the quickest tents to put up, because they really do pop up in a matter of seconds. Most use a quick draw self-erecting system, which allows you to simply remove the tent from the bag and then toss it in the air so it expands to its full position.

As well as being easy to erect it should take only a matter of seconds to take it down.

Camping, Beach and Pop up Trailers

This quick erect system is ideal if you happen to be putting your tent up in the rain or if you’ve had a long day of backpacking and your keen to be horizontal and take the weight off your feet. The poles and materials used in pop up tents are usually very light and compact, which makes them ideal for backpacking and camping.

The pop-up tent trailer can be a great alternative if you are the sort of camper who needs a few more home comforts than what the backpacking option provides. A pop up camper is less expensive than a travel trailer but it still offers many of the same conveniences. They usually look a bit like a tent on wheels, with collapsible sidewalls made of either canvas or fiberglass.

Pop Up tents also make great beach shelters, especially for children or babies. A baby’s skin is around 1/5 th the thickness of an adult’s so it is important to protect them from the sun. If you are looking for a specific beach pop up tent make sure it is made from UV protected polyester.

You can also buy specific children’s play models which come in a huge array of colorful shapes and designs. These cute tents can be ideal for kids to play inside with all their toys and bits and pieces, while also containing the mess from spreading elsewhere.

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