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Outwell tents

Outwell tents are ideal for the camper who enjoys having all the latest camping gizmos and gadgets. Outwell is a Danish based company and they pride themselves on using cutting edge technology.

Outwells are made from Outtex fabrics, these are specially coated to help extend their life span and make them more durable in all weather conditions. All their fabrics also have a minimum of 300mm hydrostatic head.

All Outwell tents come with inner tents that are made of 100% breathable polyester. Some of the models also allow you to fit the inner part after the rest of the tent has been erected so you can keep it dry if assembling it in the rain. In such an event models come equipped with a ‘dry zip system which is designed to prevent leaks around the zip area. The ground sheets are also double coated to stop moisture penetration.

As well as design features that help your tent to weather a storm there are also features which can you to appreciate the surrounding environment such as low light windows in the inner tent which make it possible to look out while lying down.

Prices range from around under 100 pounds for a Hoop Tunnel tent that sleeps two to a Large Outwell family dome tent that can sleep up to 16 for just under 400 pounds. If you’re looking for an Outwell tent that will comfortably sleep eight to 10 people you could check out the, Family Dome XL, Hartford XXL, Hartford XL, Hartford L, and the Colorado 8.

The Hartford M, Colorado 5, Family Dome L, Cleveland, Triple Falls and the Winfield models all make suitable family tents and can sleep between 5 and six people comfortably,

Outwell have an extensive range of tents that sleep between two to four people these include: The Colorado 4, Hartford S, Twin Falls, Casagrande L, Arizona S & L, Ohio, Phoenix , Missouri, Dakota, Black Hills, Little Rock and California.

Outwell tents are sold in most general camping stores. You can not purchase Outwell tents directly from their actual website www.outwell.dk/uk but you can send them an email for a list of online or general stockists at info@oase-outdoors.dk.

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