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Military tents have long been a popular style of tent for those who have no connection with the actual military. Perhaps the most familiar style of military tent is the small pup tent. These tents were only 3.5 tall and some say not particularly waterproof. There are several theories as to how they got their name.

One story suggests the name developed to go along with other military slang words such as: ‘Dog tags’, ‘dog biscuits’ and ‘dog face’. Another story says that the name pup tent came from an infantry who started calling their tents doghouses.

Eureka! Army Surplus Shelters - Manufacturer for Military

Eureka is now one of the major manufacturers of tents for the US military. During World War II they manufactured hundreds of hospital ward tents. Since then they have introduced new materials and technology to military tents. The Eureka Individual Combat Shelters ICS are a big step forward from the pup tent’ shelters which haven’t really changed much over the years since the military first started using them back in the mid 1800s. These new ICS styles are extremely lightweight and they supposedly have the ability to resist infrared cameras and night vision technology.

Eureka has also developed the Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS). This tent is basically an upgrade to the old military cabin style tents. It is a modular unit, which makes it extremely versatile as it can be extended in 18 foot increments by adding further modules. The MGPTS uses aluminum poles which are stronger and lighter than wood and it has 7.5 feet of headroom compared to the 5 feet found in the old style tents.

The MGPTS utilizes a tensioned fabric roof concept to create a structure that is effective in distributing wind, rain and snow loads from the fabric directly to the support system. This tent also has a built in mosquito netting and windows and doors that roll up. During black out conditions these windows and doors can be rolled down and they won’t emit any light from inside. The fabric used in the MGPTS is also much more advanced that the old canvas cabin tents. The outer surface is coated in vinyl polyester which is extremely durable.

Components of the MGPTS are all interchangeable with other Eureka military tents, which provides for flexibility and site appropriate assembly. The current contract Eureka has with the US military includes the internal Y pole supported frame system, but an external frame is going to be made available soon and an internal frame is also in testing.

If you wish to contact Eureka in regards to their military tents, their contact details are and their contact details are: 625 Conklin Road, Binghamton, NY 13903, Ph: 607-779-2222, Toll Free: 800-847-1460, Fax: 607-779-2293,

E-mail: Alternatively check out your nearest army surplus store.

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