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Eureka tents have made the history books over the years for a number of reasons. Their biggest claim to fame is that Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mt Everest, used a Eureka tent on his Himalayan Expedition to Nepal in 1960. Eureka was also the main tent supplier to the All American Mountaineering Expedition that climbed Mt Everest in 1963.

Eureka Camping Tents Review - Timberline, Draw-Tite

The American Women’s Himalayan Expedition to Annapurna in 1978 also used Eureka tents.

Eureka first started manufacturing tents in 1895, in Binghamton, New York. Since then they’ve remained at the forefront of new developments in the tent industry. In 1959 Eureka was the first to design a practical outside frame tent called the Draw-Tite. The company was also the first tent manufacturer to design an umbrella tent which combined the spaciousness of a cabin with the ease of having a unique umbrella frame. Other developments have included: The Timberline, a self supported backpacking and mountaineering tent; and the wrap-up bathtub floor system on all of its tents.

Eureka has had a long association with the military; during WW II they manufactured hundreds of hospital ward tents, and in the Vietnam campaign they produced liners for Quonset huts. Eureka is still one of the major suppliers of tents and accessories for U.S. military personnel.

The Eureka camping tent range is huge they manufacture everything from extreme mountaineering tents to those that provide a family home away from home. The range can be divided into nine main categories, these include: Adventure backpacking, performance backpacking, expedition and outfitter, family tents, luxury family tents, Screen house shelters, day use shelters, commercial tents and military shelters.

You can buy Eureka tents directly from their website or the website can refer you to a list of their stockiest. The main website also has links to the Eureka Europe website and the Eureka tents Canada site website

If you are based in the New York and after a Eureka bargain you could check out there factory seconds shop which stocks tents and camp trail backpacks. The 7000 sq ft retail outlet store can be found on Rt, 7 in Binghampton NY.

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