Crib Tents - Perfect of an Adventurous Toddler

Review of Cozy Crib Tent

Crib tents can offer piece of mind to mums and dads who have a budding Harry Houdini on their hands who likes to escape from their crib. Some little baby treasures find they can actually climb out of their crib at around 18 months old causing a few headaches for mums and dads.

Many parents who are faced with this problem have found baby crib tents to be a savior. These tents are also great for keeping toys and rattles in and keeping curious cats out.

Review of the Cozy Crib Tents Made by Tots in Mind

One of the most popular brands is the Original Cozy Crib Tent made by Tots in Mind. It is made from white see-through mesh and it should fit easily onto most standard sized cribs. The unit is attached through a series of Velcro loop systems and two end panels. On one side there is a big semicircular nylon zip that opens up one whole side. This zipper door is one of the few downsides to this product as many parents have found that it is extremely noisy and can wake their baby when the door is zipped shut.

The frame is made of two arched three-section roof rods and two straight two-section side rods. Most people find the tent is relatively simple to put together and it should only take one person about 15 minute, however it does take less with two people. The rods can be removed easily and the mesh tent is machine washable. Because the tent is easily dismantled it is ideal for traveling. However, some parents have found that the tent can make changing the crib sheets quite difficult.

The Original Cozy Crib Tent costs around $60 - $70 but there is now a new version out called the Cozy Crib Tent II which costs about $10 for net on the sides as well as on the top. Both these products should come with a 100% guarantee and they can be easily purchased online.



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