Beach Tents - Pop Up and Canopy Tents

Beach Tents

Beach tents are a great way to protect your family from the elements while enjoying the outdoors. In certain parts of the world the sun’s rays are now a lot stronger than they used to be so protection from the harsh sun can help to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

What Are The Benefits of Owning a Pop Up Beach Tent?

If you want maximum protection from the sun, look for tents that have UV protective coated nylon, they are usually a little more expensive but worth it.

The quickest ones to erect are those that come with shock corded fiberglass poles and they usually take less than a few minutes. If you enjoy taking a few creature comforts to the beach like chairs, coolers and umbrellas etc, you’ll want to look for a tent that is lightweight, compact and easy to carry. Some models can fold away to fit into a small carry bag.

Tents that are poorly ventilated can feel like you are sitting in a sauna on a hot day so make sure your pop up beach tent has plenty of ventilation and mesh panels. Most brands are made from polyester, nylon or taffeta and they can come with protective flooring that is usually made from polyethylene. One of the most popular models also comes with a wide opening door that can fold out to become an extra groundsheet.

If you haven’t been able to take a few trips to the beach this year don’t forget your beach tent can also double as a fishing hut, a changing room, or a children’s’ play tent you can pitch in the backyard or sandpit.

Beach tents are relatively inexpensive you should easily be able to find a quality tent online for less than $60. Some of the popular brands include: The Sunsafe Pop Up Tent, Chad Valley Pop Up Tent, Beach Comber Pop Up Tent and the Aerodome Beach tent.





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