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Welcome to Guide4Home, a review of the major tent styles and brands currently on the US and UK markets. A tent is likely to be your most expensive outdoor purchase, so it is worthwhile spending a bit of time to select the right one for you. If you are new to the world of camping, the huge selection of tents can be a bit overwhelming. But you can easily narrow down the options by working out what your needs are.

How often do you want to use it? What do you want the tent for? At what time of the year do you plan to use it? Is weight an issue? And how many people will be sleeping in it?

By estimating how often you plan to use the tent can help determine how durable the tent needs to be. If you only plan to use the tent during the summer months you won’t be requiring one that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Likewise, if you plan to camp during the winter months you won’t enjoy the experience if you only have a lightweight summer tent.

By knowing what you want the tent for, can help with deciding what style of tent you’ll need. If you are planning on using the tent while backpacking you will want one that is lightweight and compact instead of a cabin tent that can be heavy and bulky.

Determining the number of people who will be sleeping in the tent helps to determine the style as well as what sort of space is needed. Six or more people will usually require a family dome or cabin style. Many manufacturers don’t tend to make their tents big enough for the number of people in them. A "six berth" is comfortable for four people, plus all the gear that needs to be stored.

Tents can be classified into different groups relating to the weather conditions they’re most suited for:

Four Season: These use the highest quality materials that can cope with extreme weather conditions. They can have a lower profile to cope with wind stress and snow, they usually come with four or more poles and ample guy attachment points to help with stability.

Three Season: These are the most popular tents on the market, with more three season tents being produced than any other models. They function well in conditions from spring through to autumn but they can only light snow falls.

Summer of Two Season Tents: These are usually the least expensive, as they use minimal poles and lightweight materials. They also have plenty of ventilation to help reduce condensation.

When looking to buy a tent it can be a good idea to go to a showroom that already has it assembled so you can see exactly what you are buying. After you’ve made a purchase it is always a good idea to try it out at home before having a family argument at a camping ground.

Guide4Home has been designed to provide unbiased information and reviews on camping and event including: Backpacking, beach, bed, cabin, canopy, canvas, crib, dome, screen and toilet tents.

Happy Camping!




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